Travel to Bangalore, Bengaluru(BLR)

The garden city of Bangalore, capital of Karnataka state, is known for its salubrious climate where temperatures remain moderate through out the year. Clean and spacious, it has many imposing structures full of historic and modern architecture.

Bangalore is officially known as Bengaluru although it is still commonly referred to by its original name.

Flights to Bangalore, Bengaluru(BLR), India

Bangalore has several institutions of Learning and Research. Many of them such as the Indian Institute of Science, Raman Research Institute, National Institute of Mental health and Neuro-Sciences, National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore University have worldwide acclaim.

Popular Vacation Hotspots in Bangalore, Bengaluru(BLR), India

While enjoying the pleasant weather conditions throughout the year, tourists are encouraged to visit attractions of Karnataka like Mysore, Haledbid, Belur, Hampi, etc. Bangalore does not just produce fine silk and software. “The Fruit Marketplace in the South” is great for grapes, mangoes and guavas.

Top shopping malls in Bangalore, India

  • Mantri Square – This shopping season, let your special ones decide what they want. Just gift them a Mantri Square Gift Voucher for an experience that will be cherished forever.
  • Forum Value Mall – Now enjoy the Forum experience at Whitefield. At prices that will amaze you, while answering all your lifestyle desires.
  • Phoenix Marketcity – One of the biggest shopping malls in Bangalore.
  • Lido Mall – One of the best shopping malls in Bangalore.
  • Brigade Enterprises Private Limited – Brigade Group was established in 1986, with property development as its main focus.

Cheap Tickets to Bangalore, Bengaluru(BLR), India

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Today’s lowest flights to BLR. Following cheap flights to BLR were found by travellers in the last 24 hours. Fares updated on 06/29/2016

From To Departure Date Arrival Date Fare
YOW BLR 01/25/2017 05/17/2017 $288
YYC BLR 01/11/2017 01/31/2017 $346
YMQ BLR 10/05/2016 10/31/2016 $359
YVR BLR 01/08/2017 02/05/2017 $359
YMQ BLR 10/06/2016 10/31/2016 $392
YOW BLR 09/07/2016 11/09/2016 $423
YYC BLR 09/06/2016 09/30/2016 $426
YMQ BLR 10/19/2016 11/11/2016 $427
YTO BLR 09/01/2016 11/01/2016 $433
YTO BLR 09/05/2016 10/10/2016 $433
YTO BLR 09/12/2016 09/28/2016 $433
YTO BLR 08/08/2016 09/12/2016 $434
YTO BLR 08/30/2016 10/11/2016 $434
YYC BLR 02/24/2017 03/19/2017 $434
YTO BLR 09/11/2016 09/28/2016 $470
YYC BLR 01/21/2017 02/22/2017 $484
YEA BLR 10/10/2016 10/31/2016 $498
YVR BLR 10/03/2016 10/17/2016 $498
YTO BLR 01/10/2017 04/10/2017 $505
YMQ BLR 01/04/2017 02/22/2017 $506
YXU BLR 09/06/2016 10/31/2016 $515
YTO BLR 11/22/2016 01/10/2017 $524
YXE BLR 08/15/2016 09/21/2016 $526
YTO BLR 01/04/2017 02/22/2017 $533
YTO BLR 09/12/2016 09/14/2016 $543
YYC BLR 12/06/2016 01/18/2017 $550
YQR BLR 11/29/2016 12/13/2016 $575
YTO BLR 12/27/2016 01/17/2017 $629
YTO BLR 08/15/2016 08/31/2016 $676
YQB BLR 10/18/2016 11/11/2016 $684
YEA BLR 10/19/2016 11/02/2016 $719
YYJ BLR 08/22/2016 09/05/2016 $719
YTO BLR 11/13/2016 01/15/2017 $725
YHZ BLR 12/06/2016 02/20/2017 $726
YTO BLR 12/26/2016 01/17/2017 $735
YVR BLR 08/12/2016 09/11/2016 $763
YVR BLR 10/01/2016 10/08/2016 $767
YTO BLR 08/11/2016 08/26/2016 $769
YTO BLR 12/24/2016 01/14/2017 $778
YYJ BLR 08/17/2016 08/31/2016 $817
YMQ BLR 07/06/2016 07/14/2016 $827
YVR BLR 08/17/2016 08/31/2016 $835
YTO BLR 12/20/2016 01/17/2017 $841
YMQ BLR 07/13/2016 07/20/2016 $850
YTO BLR 07/12/2016 07/19/2016 $884
YYZ BLR 07/12/2016 07/19/2016 $884
YMQ BLR 07/06/2016 07/13/2016 $891
YMQ BLR 07/11/2016 07/18/2016 $891
YVR BLR 12/15/2016 01/16/2017 $899
YMQ BLR 12/09/2016 01/02/2017 $902
YTO BLR 12/23/2016 01/14/2017 $910
YTO BLR 08/12/2016 08/28/2016 $913
YTO BLR 07/13/2016 07/20/2016 $926
YYZ BLR 07/13/2016 07/20/2016 $926
YTO BLR 12/13/2016 01/10/2017 $928
YHZ BLR 12/08/2016 02/20/2017 $941
YTO BLR 12/12/2016 01/03/2017 $948
YOW BLR 07/03/2016 07/25/2016 $950
YTO BLR 12/23/2016 01/14/2017 $960
YTO BLR 07/05/2016 07/12/2016 $968

Sample lowest fares from JFK/BOS/SFO/IAH/IAD/LAX/ORD to Bangalore(BLR), India departing May 10 2016, returning May 30 2016. Sale ends May 07 2016. Book now. Fares are subject to availability. We update our seat sale fares regularly. Please check our web site for most up to date seat sale fares. Fares last updated April 24, 2016.

Airline Fare Tax Grand Total
Etihad Airways USD 607 USD 114 USD 721
Turkish Airline USD 201 USD 540 USD 741
Qatar Airways USD 183 USD 570 USD 753
Emirate USD 22 USD 759 USD 781
Virgin Atlantic USD 93 USD 698 USD 791
United Airline USD 107 USD 692 USD 799
Air India USD 189 USD 653 USD 842
Swiss USD 127 USD 717 USD 844
Lufthansa USD 127 USD 724 USD 851
Jet airways USD 299 USD 671 USD 970
British USD 411 USD 703 USD 1114
KLM USD 446 USD 680 USD 1126
Delta USD 446 USD 680 USD 1126

Seat Sale Fares from Toronto(YYZ) to Bangalore(BLR) departing May 08, 2016, returning May 30, 2016. Fares are subject to availability. We update our seat sale fares regularly. Please check our web site for most up to date seat sale fares. We are also offering CAD 10 gas card for Bangalore bookings. Offer expires May 03, 2016.

Airline Fare Tax Grand Total
United Airline CAD 323 CAD 783 CAD 1106
KLM CAD 540 CAD 610 CAD 1150
Air France CAD 540 CAD 610 CAD 1150
Air Canada CAD 513 CAD 687 CAD 1200
Lufthansa CAD 500 CAD 727 CAD 1227
Etihad Airline CAD 600 CAD 638 CAD 1238
Jet Airways CAD 637 CAD 657 CAD 1294
Air India CAD 771 CAD 661 CAD 1432
British Airways CAD 747 CAD 686 CAD 1433
Turkish CAD 1097 CAD 566 CAD 1663
American Airline CAD 884 CAD 856 CAD 1740

Following Airlines flying from Toronto(YYZ) to Bangalore(BLR) airport in India.

  • Jet Airways operates flights via London and Mumbai airports.
  • Air Canada operates flights via London/Frankfurt/Zurich and Mumbai/Chennai airports.
  • Air India and Air Canada operates flights via London/Newark/Chicago/New York and Mumbai airports. Nanak Flights has a very special 90 days fare on Air India. If your return date is within 90 days, we can offer you special rates.
  • Lufthansa Airline has the best connection to Bangalore via Frankfurt airport. If you are travelling with kids, We recommend that you should fly on Lufthansa airline with 1 stop connection to Bangalore airport.
  • Air France also has 1 connection flight to Bangalore. The connection is via Paris (CDG) airport
  • Etihad airways also operates flights via Abu dhabi and has 1 stop connection to Bangalore
  • Turkish Airline operates via Istanbul and Mumbai routes
  • British Airways also operates via London (LHR) and is very convenient with 1 stop connection We got very special rates on British airways to Bangalore

Checked in Baggage information on Airlines flying to to Bangalore(BLR) airport in India.

  • Jet Airways allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage of 23 KG each for Bangalore Flights.
  • Air Canada joint venture group (AC/LH/OS/LX/SN) with the exception of United Airline allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage of 23 KG each for Bangalore Flights.
  • United airline flights via USA allows only 1 checked in baggage of 23 KG each. Please also note that if your outbound flights are on United Airline and your inbound flights are on any of the other Joint venture partner airline, you are allowed to carry 2 pieces of 23 KG each for the inbound journey.
  • Air India and Air Canada flights via USA allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage of 23Kg each to Bangalore.
  • Skyteam group (AF/KL/DL) allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage of 23Kg each to Bangalore.
  • Etihad airways and Emirates Airline allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage of 23Kg each to Bangalore.
  • British Airways allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage of 23Kg each to Bangalore.
  • Srilankan Airline allows 2 pieces of checked in baggage of 23Kg each to Bangalore.

Do you know the following interesting facts about Bangalore International Airport (BLR), India

  • Bangalore International Airport is renamed as Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. It was done on 14-Dec-2013. BIAL held the event on 14-Dec-2013 to announce the change of airport name. The event was presided by Karnatka’s Chief Minister Mr Siddaramaiah and Union Minister of Civil aviation Mr Ajit Singh.
  • Visitors/Tourists from 11 countries can get their tourist visa after arriving at Bengaluru International Airport. Please check the Airport’s official site for more information on the list of countries.
  • Bangalore International Airport has been voted as the best emerging airport by EMA Dumabi.
  • There are total 18 Immigration counters and 53 check-in counters at the Airport.
  • The new Terminal 1A at the Bengaluru is expected to accomodate 2 crore travellers per year
  • It is the 3rd Largest airport in India Delhi is the biggest and Mumbai is 2nd Biggest Airports in India

Facilities at Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore, Bengaluru(BLR), India.

  • Free Internt service is available for the travellers
  • Wheel chairs are available for Physically challanged passangers.
  • You can hire Porter service to carry your luggage.
  • Duty free shop is available at the Airport.
  • There are special VIP Airline lounges available for the travellers.
  • Foreign exchange is available and couple of ATM counters are available to get local currency.
  • Mobile charging is available at the Airport.

Things to do after arriving at Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore, Bengaluru (BLR), India

Please read the following important information regarding Customs, Baggage and Airport information after reaching Bangalore or Bengaluru International Airport. It will help you expedite the Arrival process.

Customs and Immigration Process: After your arrival from an International Flight, Please fill in the Immigration form. Bangalore, Bengaluru internation Airport has 18 counters for the immigartion to speed up the customs and immigration process. Your immigration process will be complete in less than 15 minutes depending on the peak traffic. Please ensure that you are only carrying 1 laptop per traveller. You can only carry upto CAD/USD 400 dollars (Rs 25000) worth of other electronic items per traveller.

Baggage collection: After clearing the customs, you can proceed to get your bags. The baggage area is on the ground floor of the building. You can either use Bus gates or Aerobridge to reach the bagagge area. If you have any questions, You can ask the airport staff member for any help. After you claim your baggage, you can procced to the Arrival gates and then arrival halls.

Transit Passangers to other cities in South India: After custom clearance and collecting your baggage, Please proceed to Transit Gate to board flights to domestic destination. Each airline has a separate baggage transfer policy for domestic flights. Please check with domestic airline for their baggage transfer policy. After you check in your baggage with the airline, please proceed to the Transit Gate.

Hand Picked 5 stars and 4 stars Hotels near Bangalore International Airport Bangalore(BLR), India

if you are planning to stay close to the Airport in Bangalore, following is the list of the best hotels close to the Bangalore Airport.

Hotel Name Star Rating Distance from the Airport
The Zuri Whitefield Bangalore 5-star 24 km
Vivanta By Taj 4-star 24 km
Goldfinch Retreat 4-star 8 km
The Sai Leela 4-star 5 km
Airport Gateway 3-star 11 km
Arra Suites 3-star 10 km